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Η φθινοπωρινή Αμφίκλεια από ψηλά (φωτ.: Ελένη Πατρινού /


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The picturesque Amfiklia is located at the foot of Mount Parnassos at an altitude of 400 meters and has managed to attract mountain lovers, thanks to its natural beauty, the very short distance from the Ski Center of Parnassos, the neoclassical mansions and the paved alleys.

Where is Amfiklia located

Χιονισμένη Αμφίκλεια

Amfiklia is built at the northeastern foot of Parnassos, at an altitude of 350-400 meters.Administratively it belongs to the County of Fthiotida and to the Municipality of Amfiklia-Elatia.

Traditional, preserved settlement

Amfiklia is a protected place, with beautiful paved streets, old mansions, many fountains made of stone and amazing squares with very tall plane trees.

Culturally, it preserves all the customs of Roumeli, such as the traditional Christmas, the Carnival with the lighting of huge fires (Hei), the masquerade parade and the famous 120 meters long kontosouvli, while at Easter the roasting takes place in pits.

What to see - Sights in Amfiklia

  • The two paved squares, the central and the upper square of Amfiklia. In the central (lower) square is where all the life of the area is with many cafes and taverns.
  • Picturesque cobbled streets: Around the traditional settlement many cobbled streets begin and they make leisurely walking, ideal. There are also many traditional fountains that gurgling water run, such as that of Horeftaria.
  • The Bread Museum where you will learn the history of bread making from the ancient years until today as well as the Museum of Occupations in the central square of Amfiklia.
  • The impressive chapel of St. Jerusalem, built inside a cave in the 11th century.
  • Dadiou Holy Monastery 6 km away from Amfiklia, built in the 18th century.
  • The Ancient Acropolis of Amfiklia. The excellent view will reward you.
  • The stone arched bridge Komopili in Ano Kalivia, Amfiklia.

What to do in Amfiklia – Activities in Amfiklia

  • Skiing and snowboarding at Parnassos Ski Center: When someone says “ski destinations” which are the first 3 that come to your mind? If Amfiklia does not belong to one of them, it is time to re-consider. During the winter, the traditional town of the Fthiotida County is a meeting point for those who love winter sports. Amfiklia is next to the most popular ski resort in the country, specifically just 17 km from Fterolakka, the most relaxed -in terms of crowds- ski location, while from Kelaria is only 21 km away.
  • Hiking: Several paths start from Amfiklia towards beautiful locations and historic chapels such as that of St. Jerusalem. If you want organized hiking on the paths of Parnassos from the side of Arachova, there is a branch of Trekking Hellas.
  • Mountain bike: Organized tours, mountain bike lessons and bike rentals are offered by the True Wheels team in Livadi, Arachova.

Carnival in Amfiklia

During the Carnival in Amfiklia, the carnival parade and the traditional lighting of the fire (Hei) take place both in the neighborhoods of the village. In the in the upper square of the village happened the Big Hei, together with a masquerade dance and the company of music.

On Sunday, before Clean Monday, the Roumeli tradition peaks with the 120-meter kontosouvli that is roasted and consumed with plenty of wine, traditional pies and dancing.

On Clean Monday -after the kite flying- there is a party in the Down Square of Amfiklia with traditional bean soup, lagana, lent food and dancing.


In Amfiklia you will find beautiful guest houses for all tastes, for a comfortable and value for money stay.


There many suggestions about where to eat in Amfikleia. Taverns, restaurants, stakehouses and taverns will serve you traditional dishes, local meat and good wine or tsipouro. There are many cafes and après-ski bars for all tastes and for every hour.

Villages worth visiting near Amfiklia

Just 10 km away from Amfiklia is the beautiful Tithorea. That village is a tourist destination all year round, for those who want to enjoy nature, mountain activities and the pleasures of Mount Parnassos away from the crowds.

Weather in Amfiklia
Before you start your trip or while your stay in Parnassos, find out about the weather in the area.

Access to Amfiklia - Kilometer distances

  • Amfiklia is by road:
    173 km from Athens (approximately 2 hours)
  • 171 km from Patra (approximately 2,5 hours)
  • 17 km from the ski resort of Parnassos ski at Fterolaka location (approximately 26 minutes)
  • 23.6 km from Agoriani (approximately 29 minutes)
  • 51.5 km from Arachova (approximately 50 minutes)

12 common questions for Amfiklia

How far away is Amfiklia from the ski resort of Parnassos?
The ski resort of Parnassos is 17 km away from Fterolaka and 21 km from Kelaria. The ride lasts around 26 minutes by car. During snowy days, the time on the road may be longer.

How do I arrive in Amfiklia?
From Athens: Amfiklia is 173km away so in about 2 hours you can be there. Follow the Athens - Lamia National Road to the exit for Kastro. Then drive in the direction of Tithorea and then Amfiklia.

From Thessaloniki: Amfiklia is 338 km away from Thessaloniki and lasts around 3.5 hours. The route is through the Athens – Thessaloniki National Road until the exit for Bralo. Then follow the road to Gravia, Lilaia, Polydroso and Amfiklia.

From Patra: Amfiklia is 171 km from Patra and the journey lasts for about 2.5 hours. After you cross the the Rio-Antirrio bridge, take the route towards Galaxidi, Itea, Amfissa, Gravia, Lilaia, Polydroso, Amfiklia.

Where will I stay in Amfiklia?
There are several options in hotels and guest houses in Amfiklia, for every taste.

Are there banks and ATMs in Amfiklia?
In Amfiklia there are stores of the National Bank of Greece and Piraeus Bank the ATMs.

What should I have with me in Amfiklia?
If you visit from November to April, it is mandatory to have anti-skid chains with you for your vehicle and to know how to install them. Alternatively, you can use winter tires suitable for driving in the snow.

What should I wear in Amfiklia?
Dress with warm clothes in Autumn, Winter and Spring. In Summer, have a light jacket with you for the nigh. In Winter it is better to wear hiking boots or sneakers with a special sole for snow and ice.

Also, during Winter many are those who walk around with clothing suitable for skiing even in the afternoon, since many skiers visit Amfiklia.

Parking: Where can I park in Amfiklia?
You can park your car along the main road but also in the streets of the village.

Are there pharmacies and a Health Center in Amfiklia?
There are a total of 3 pharmacies in Amfiklia, all located on the main road. Also there is the Health Center.

Is there public transport to Amfiklia?

By train:
You can reach Amfiklia by OSE train, disembark at Tithorea or Bralo stop. For more information check on the OSE site.

Are there gas stations in Amfiklia?

Yes, there are 2 gas stations in Amfiklia.

Where can I check about the operation of the ski resort?

Daily, valid real-time information on the operation of lifts and slopes at the Parnassos ski resort is published by in collaboration with the ski resort here.

Is there snow inside Amfiklia?
When the weather conditions are the right ones, it can snow even in Amfiklia, several times during the winter. The snow machines of the Municipality constantly clean the roads in case of snowfall.

See the conditions in real time from the cameras in Amfiklia and Parnassos.


Access & distances
Altitude: 400m.
Accommodation in Amfiklia
Restaurants in Amfiklia
ATM: National, Piraeus,
173km from Athens
22km from Ski Center Parnassus
Pharmacies in Amfiklia
Health Center in Amfiklia
Gas stations in Amfiklia


Οn Parnassos is a great tourist board in Arachova and Parnassos area. They help you with booking, find accommodations and give a lot of interesting and useful information about things to do in the area. We visited the area last winter and had a really great time.
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