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Exploring the mythical mountain of Apollo... Sceneries that take your breath away. Alpine sceneries with a view to the sea, endless fir forests, ancient monuments and the oldest National Park in Greece. Paths and routes for every taste and ability. With over 100 km. of marked paths, Mount Parnassos offers you the opportunity to discover it from one edge to the other by hiking.

Hiking the ancient paths of Delphi with Trekking Hellas

Photo: Trekking Hellas

The hiking agency Trekking Hellas Parnassos is synonymous with authentic experiences in nature, trusted by thousands visitors of Delphi. Giorgos Korodimos is the manager of Trekking Hellas Parnassos in Arachova, specialised in hiking on the paths of Delphi and Mt. Parnassos, the mythical mountain of Apollo.

Trekking Hellas Parnassos, will guide you hiking with safety in the forests of Parnassos National Park. You will have the chance to visit the villages of Parnassos such as Delphi, Arachova and Agoriani, as well as the famous mythical caves of the mountain, such as Corycian Cave, while you have the opportunity to admire the entrance of Eptostomos, the southernmost glacier of Europe! In addition, you will hike up to Fairy Cave, a cave full of lakes with stalactites and stalagmites, which created exquisite sculptures as centuries passed by. A must visit on mt. Parnassos.

Follow the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims​ hiking the ancient path from Delphi to Kirra

Photo: Trekking Hellas

Follow the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims. Feel the energy of the ancient Greeks, hiking one of the most impressive paths in Delphi, organized by Trekking Hellas. The ancient path from Delphi to the port of ancient Kirra was used by the ancient pilgrims to reach the Oracle of Delphi. Running time is 4 hours and hiking takes place all year round.

E4 European long distance path

Photo: Trekking Hellas

Among Delphi's hiking highlights is the part of E4 European long distance path, which connects Delphi with the alpine village of Eptalofos (Agoriani). The route passes through dense fir forests, crossing the core of the Parnassos National Park. The path is part of the ancient path that connected Delphi with ancient Lilaia and northern Greece.

Crossing Mount Parnassos from North to South

Photo: Kostas Kaltsas

Trekking Hellas's hiking programs also include several days hikes such as the crossing of Mount Parnassos from north to south, through path 22, which connects the village of Polydrosos with the peaks of Mount Parnassos and Arachova.

Full moon hikes - Enjoy the sunrise from the top of Mount Parnassos

Photo: Trekking Hellas

One of the most extraordinary experiences in Delphi, is the night hikes under the light of the Full Moon. Be the first to enjoy the sunrise from the top of Mount Parnassos "Liakoura", choosing an organized climb, guaranteed by Trekking Hellas.

Information & Reservations

Trekking Hellas Parnassos
Office Phone:
(+30) 22670 31901
Mobile phone: (+30) 6972 53 64 53 also on WhatsApp & Viber
Email: [email protected]
Manager: George Korodimos
Office manager: Eleni Prablanc

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