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Αναβατήρας Ηρακλής - Κελάρια, Χιονοδρομικό Κέντρο Παρνασσού - On Parnassos

Parnassos Ski Center

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The biggest ski resort in Greece.

With the new state of the art releasable lifts at Kellaria and Fterolaka, Parnassos Ski Center is now in the list with the top ski resorts in the Balkans.

In 2014 the first phase of the modernization of the resort was carried out, the one regarding Kellaria. The new state of the art Combo type lift named “Aphrodite- Bacchus” includes the releasable lift with 8-seater cabin (8 MGD) “Aphrodite” and the releasable lift with 6-seater chairs and 8-seater cabin “Bacchus”. The two lifts are connected at the intermediate station in Kellaria 1950 and they have been designed to operate in combination or independently.

On December 2015 the second face of the modernization of the resort was completed, this time in Fterolakas. The old lifts “Ira 7”, “Iniochos 6” and the connective “Hermes”, were replaced with the new releasable lifts.

Skiing with a view to the sea
From many parts of the ski resort you can see the Gulf of Corinth as well as the Euboean Gulf. The possibility of skiing while having the Greek seas as a view skyrockets the skiing experience.

There are two skiing areas at Parnassos Ski Center, Kellaria and Fterolakas, which have in total:
21 pistes and 7 ski routes
5 connective trails
4 mini pistes for beginners with baby lifts

with 34 km total length of the pistes. The descents begin at 2.260 m. and they reach down to 1.640 m. altitude, while their length is between 300 m. and 4 km. The fans of the powder will find many routes off the pistes for free ride. Also, there are 2 Snow Fun parks at Kellaria and Fterolaka. Four of the pistes, No6 Iniochos, No8 Iraklis, No9 Odysseas and No2 Vaccos, are certified by the International Ski Federation (F.I.S Homologation) for international ski competitions.

Contact Info

tel: 22340 22700, 22689, 29032, 22339, 22373, 22694

Fax: 22340 22596

E-mail: [email protected]

Fterolaka Chalet / Rentals Tel: 22340 22315

Kellaria Chalet / Rentals Tel: 22340 29021


From Athens: 196 km. (approximately 2 hours by driving)

From Thessaloniki: 362 km. (approximately 4 hours by driving)

From Patras: 158 km. (approximately 2:30 hours by driving)

From Lamia: 70 km. (approximately 1 hour by driving)

From Larisa: 212 km. (approximately 2:30 hours by driving)

Weather forecast for Parnassos

Latest Update

Operating status of the Parnassos ski resort: Closed

Last update: 11/11/21 09:23
Lift Status
Aphrodite Telecabin
Baby 1
Baby 2
Baby 3
Telecabin Hera
Baby 4
1 - Aphrodite
1A - Aphrodite
2 - Bacchus
2A - Bacchus A
2B - Bacchus B
3 - Telemachus
4 - Aeolus
5 - Pericles
8 - Hercules
9 - Odysseus
11 - Hermes
B1 - Baby 1
B2 - Baby 2
6 - Charioteer
7 - Hera
7A - Hera A
10 - Pan
13 - Zeus
14 - Pythia
14A - Pythia A
18 - Artemis
22 - Sahara
B3 - Baby 3
B4 - Baby 4
Arachova - Eptalofos - Intersection to Parnassos ski center
Without chains
Amfiklia - Polydrosos, Intersection to Parnassos ski center
Without chains
Fterolaka - Kellaria 1750
Without chains
Kato Fterolaka - Ano Fterolaka
Without chains
Latest snowfall: 25/01/2022
Average height of snow at base: 80cm
Average height of snow in middle: 120cm
Average height of snow on top: 160cm


[{"lat":"38.54793619999999","lng":"22.5900582","title":"Parnassos Ski Center","image":"https:\/\/\/web-assets\/uploads\/2021\/11\/xkp-xionodromiko-kelaria-1920-150x150.jpg","link":"https:\/\/\/en\/parnassos-ski\/parnassos-ski-center\/"}]

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Οn Parnassos is a great tourist board in Arachova and Parnassos area. They help you with booking, find accommodations and give a lot of interesting and useful information about things to do in the area. We visited the area last winter and had a really great time.
Tine Listl
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«Πρόκειται για ένα εξαιρετικά χρήσιμο εργαλείο για τους Έλληνες και ξένους επισκέπτες της περιοχής του Παρνασσού, μεγάλο μέρος της οποίας ανήκει στο Δήμο μας».
Παναγιώτης Ταγκαλής, Δήμαρχος Δελφών
Το πιο ενημερωμένο site για την περιοχή!
Daphne Ne
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Πολύ καλή ενημέρωση και φωτογραφίες
Angela Billi
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Το καλύτερο στη Νότια Ελλάδα!
Καρολίνα Σάββα
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Ένα πολύ καλό site για ενημέρωση όσον αφορά την περιοχή του Παρνασσού
Δημήτρης Καλαμίδας
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