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In Arachova, the mountain and the sea become one! If there is one mountain in Greece that combines so many things during the summer period, that is Parnassos. A huge mountain area to be explored, dozens of villages with picturesque squares and alleys, countless sights, the Navel of the Earth, amazing caves, famous archaeological sites, trails for every taste, monasteries lost in time, adventure parks, villages next to the sea such as the picturesque Galaxidi and beaches a few minutes away from all the starting points in Parnassos. Try horse riding and picnic in the forest, while at summer the weather is ideal for paragliding.

Want more? See the hotels with pools in Parnassus.

All the above combined with the great prices make Parnassos the ideal destination during the summer period too. It will be an unforgettable experience!

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Central Photo: Giannis Kostelidis

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