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Jerusalem Holy Monastery


At an altitude of approximately 900 meters at the east slopes of Parnassos in a beautiful landscape with fir and plane trees and very close (about 5 km.) to the village Davleia in Boeotia is located one of the most important monasteries of the area, the Monastery of the Assumption of the Mother Mary Jerusalem or “Gersali”, where the Assumption of the Mother Mary is honored.

The historical monastery built in the 11th century A.D. constitutes a substantial religious part of the Turkish rule and it has many stories of national pride as well as destruction to tell. During the Turkish rule it met a great economic development and it played an important part at the development of education in the area. It is rumored that during the Greek war of independence it contributed to the provisioning and it operated as a center of supply to the insurgent of the east Central Greece by helping to the maximum towards the victory of the battle in Arachova in 1826.

In the monastery the visitor can admire the unique landscape of both the internal courtyard of the monastery with the elaborate and well-trimmed gardens and the external natural beauty with the sheer slopes of Parnassos which surround the monastery and the thick forest of fir trees that extends in front of it.  

Today, it operates as a female monastery and inside its sacristy important relics are kept, such as collections of post-Byzantine icons and metalwork while the cave church of Faneromeni which constituted a place for the practice of monks is located nearby.

The Holy Monastery is celebrated on the 23rd of August and it is part of the Metropolitan of Thebes and Levadia.

Jerusalem Holy Monastery
Telephone: 22610 52230

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