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A variety of colors and scents flood Parnassos from one edge to the other. Summer is already behind us and Autumn comes right next, the opening of the winter. The deciduous trees are now golden, the mushrooms flood the forests, the fireplaces are lit and the sky is still clear. It is the perfect season for excursions at the magnificent Parnassos.

Some of the autumn activities:

  • Hiking at the trails of Parnassos
  • Mountain bike
  • Paragliding
  • 4X4 tours to unique routes
  • Mushroom hunting
  • Tour to the archaeological sights of Delphi
  • Speleology at the wonderful caves of Parnassos
  • Climbing at special climbing fields of the mountain
  • Religious tourism at the monasteries of the area
  • Gastronomical tours at the villages of Parnassos

Central Photo: Kostas Kaltsas

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