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The cave of Odysseas Androutsos


The cave which used to be a house with rooms.


Seeing the “Black hole in Parnassos”, in Tithorea, over the sheer rock, no one could imagine that it was a shelter, as well as a home during the years of the Turkish rule. In 1822, 2.000 people from Velitsa (citizens of Tithorea) run into the cave to be saved from the arrival of Hurshid Pasha. The same year, Odysseas Androutsos made the cave his permanent residence, since due to its position it was an impregnable fortress and observatory with a view to the whole flatland of Lokrida.

He transformed it into a house with rooms, for himself and his family. A wooden ladder led to the cave and through it they got all the supplies up. He lived there up until 1825, when he was arrested under the unfair accusation of treason and he was found murdered in Acropolis on June the 5th 1825.

Many things have also been heard for the great treasure that Odysseas Androutsos had hidden in the cave. Yet no one knows whether that was true as nothing has been found there. Up until today, “gold diggers” still seek the legendary treasure.

How to get there

The trail that leads to the cave begins from the location Platanakos in Ano Tithorea and it is the beginning of the gorge Velitsa. The route lasts approximately 2 hours. At the end of the trail there is iron stairs located across the rock that lead to the opening of the cave and they require great attention while climbing up and down.


  • In order to get to the cave, you should have climbing knowledge and climbing equipment.
  • It is advisable to have a mountain guide with you.

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