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Baroutospilia: The unknown majestic cave in Parnassos


The through-and-through impressive cave.


One of the biggest caves in Greece is located near Mariolata. Reaching the cave, the hikers are rewarded with the amazing view of the hills of Parnassos and the flatlands.

Passing through its giant entrance, the impressive rimstone dams that look like small pools, the elaborate formations of the stalagmites, as well as the huge size of the internal of the cave, cause astonishment to the visitors.

During the Greek War of Independence, inside the cave, the fighters produced gunpowder to face the enemy, and that is how the cave got its name as it means cave with gunpowder.

How to get there

Coming from Lilaia and going to Mariolata and almost at the middle of this route, you will find the little church of Agia Paraskevi. At this point, we turn left and we enter a dirt road where there is a sign by the forest inspection of Amfissa “Agia Paraskevi Path – Baroutospilia”.

In approximately 800 m. the dirt road ends up at a clearing, where the hikers leave their cars.

That is the point where the path begins which is uphill and it goes towards the right part of the gorge of Kakorema.

Half of the route is done within a “tunnel” of kermes oaks, which as we climb higher give their places to the huge and impressive formations of the rocks.

This beautiful route lasts about an hour and it ends up at the famous Baroutospilia.

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