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Velitsa gorge: Downhill skiing


One of the most interested mountaineering routes in Parnassos is at the north shadows of the mountain. 

The path of the Velitsa gorge, which leads to the peak of Parnassos in Liakoura, at an altitude of 2.457 m, it is considered one of the most impressive mountaineering routes, as well as one of the most beautiful downhill routes in Greece, for the lovers of mountaineering ski.

The route begins from Ano Tithorea, it passes through the gorge of Kachala, and it connects after a few kilometers with the gorge. From there, the adventure for the conquest of the peak of Parnassos begins.

The path embraces the slope of the mountain and through an amazing forest of fir trees, which transforms higher into a wild Alpine land with sheer rocks, and leads to the peak, offering numerous of thrills to the climbers.

The route is particularly hard and is approximately 11 km. long. The time required to ascent it is 5-7 hours, depending on the weather conditions and it demands an equal amount of time to return.

The changes of the environment, the view of the snowy Liakoura for most of the year and the flatland spread below which is crossed by the river Kifisos offer breathtaking images.

Yet, the thing that stays forever in the mind of the climbers is the spectacle that they view from the peak.

The gaze is lost among the clouds and the chine that cause awe. Olympus, Helicon, Giona, Vardousia, Oeta, Tymfristos… There are no words once you get there.

  • Tithorea
  • Parnassos National Park
Δυσκολία Μεσαία
Υψηλότερο 2416,0m
Χαμηλότερο 760,0m

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