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An alternative house for souvlaki in Arachova is housed in a special and very sophisticated space as regards to the décor. Roots is located on the main road of Arachova and one can taste everyone’s favorite souvlakia there, but in more unusual versions.

Menu’s suggestions

Have you ever tried a wild boar souvlaki? We are at Parnassos and that couldn’t be missing from Roots menu! Apart from the classical choices of chicken, hamburger patty, pork or chicken gyros that come either in sandwiches or in portions, it is worth to try the more unusual delicious suggestions such as the wild boar or the sausage.

The fans of healthy or vegan diet will find here many choices, that will definitely satisfy their tastes. They can make their souvlaki with either vegetable hamburger patty or with a turkey or veal minced meat mashed with oat flakes while all sandwiches can be made, amongst other, with whole grain, Cypriot or corn pita bread.

The menu also includes fresh salads, grilled vegetables and various appetizers, which accompany the souvlakia perfectly.

Take away

The area is perfect to enjoy your meal or your dinner while gazing the main road of Arachova through its glass windows, however you can take your food at home or to the hotel.

Open all year long

Roots operates daily all year long.

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