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Eptalofos (Agoriani)
Eptalofos (Ano Agoriani)
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There are countless reasons to visit the all-day cafe-bar "Korakotroupa" in the central square of the beautiful village of Eptalofos or Agoriani. Created with passion and love from the hospitable and smiling owners of Panagiotis and Kondylia, the lush hangout with its very hot corners promises to give you unique moments from morning until late at night.

Aromatic coffee, homemade desserts from the hands of Kondylia, interesting tea varieties with the famous Parnassus tea, exuberant omelets and varieties to accompany your tsipouro that will warm you on the cold winter days and make your mood in the summer months under the age-old plane trees with the running waters of the famous square of the village.

Appetizers and sweets are homemade and they are all made with pure ingredients from Kondylia!

It is no coincidence that Korakotroupa is daily trusted for the first coffee of the day, both by locals and visitors of Agoriani.

With its own distinct character and a different philosophy, Korakotroupa remains faithful to the value of value for money, giving everyone high quality and authentic moments of fellowship.

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