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Square Tropaion, Arachova
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The Kaplanis is a value for money tavern in Arachova,years now. It is no wonder that it is a top choice for both tourists and locals. The delicious dishes, the warm and welcoming place, the nice and helpful staff and the exceptional raw materials are just a few of the reasons why a visit to “Kaplanis” is a must for those enjoying their holidays in Arachova.

Menu with dishes so delicious that make choosing difficult

Without any exaggeration, the dishes in the menu are mouth watering! One should, by all means, try the tagliata beef steak with rucola, coarse salt and truffle oil, while an absolute “must” is the tavern’s veal burger. Spare ribs, rib eye and veal liver complete the list of the barbeque dishes menu. When it comes to appetizers, the homemade greens pie and gardumbakia (offal bites) are said to be some of the best in Arachova, while the fried feta cheese with honey, the bite size cabbage wrapped minced meat and rice, the cheese bread and the generous salads are the reason why the menu of this tavern is simply irresistible. The secret of “Kaplani”s success is, on the one hand, the carefully chosen raw materials, and the combination of traditional recipes with a modern twist,on the other hand.

The kitchen dishes are cooked by Mrs.Stella, while Mr.Panagiotis is in charge of the barbeque.

A stone’s throw away from the center of Arachova
The famous “Kaplanis” tavern is just outside the center of Arachova, in the Tropeon Square, or Platania Square, as the locals call it. The tavern has unhindered view to the slopes of the Parnassos Mountain and to the cobblestone square with an imposing plane tree. In summer the tavern brings its tables out under the plane tree offering its guest a pleasant shadow.

Extra info
Smoking is not allowed in “Kaplanis”.Here guests can enjoy their food without the smell of smoke.

Open every day, all year round.

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