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Jay Oh

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All day café-bar-restaurant Jay Oh is located at a central point at the main square of Arachova, and it constitutes a favorite place both for the locals and the visitors of this popular destination. Previously called Arion, the store is completely restored and it is a must choice in Arachova all day long.

A gathering place with personality

The specially sophisticated indoor decoration combined the amazing stone coating on the walls and the retro tones, gives character to this apres-ski gathering place. When going

through the entrance, your attention is drawn to the tasteful hanged bird cages over the bar and the homemade wooden decorations that adorn its walls. Its always lit fireplace, during the winter months, along with the little… polar bears create the necessary snuggling mood for relaxed and delightful moments.

Its outdoor sofas are a must

The outdoor sofas with the big fluffy pillows constitute a trademark for the whole Arachova, while they create the necessary warm mood, however low the temperature is. The heaters are always lit, something that will make you love Jay Oh’s outdoor space!

From the morning till the.. other morning

Jay Oh operates daily all year long.

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