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Griza Arkouda

Eptalofos (Agoriani)
Eptalofos (Ano Agoriani)
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"Do you eat like a bear?" With this humorous print printed on the aprons of the waiters, the traditional tavern Griza Arkouda welcomes you to Ano Agoriani (Eptalofos). This message of course isn’t coincidental, since at Griza Arkouda the great variety and the quality of the dishes will make you ... eat like a bear!

Griza Arkouda is also a hangout for the locals. The rich menu of the tavern, consisting of both cooked and dishes, is a very tempting incentive to leave the central square of the village and go down the main road to the Folkloric Museum of Agoriani.

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of the ... Bear (Arkouda) is that all the meat comes from the owner's stable and is just a few feet away. The top choices of the kitchen are the mushroom barley flavored with truffle oil (during its season), honey with sesame seeds, plum beef, roasted meat from the barn and of course bush meat that melts in the mouth always accompanied by brick wine.

In addition, there is parking, fast and courteous service, as well as its non-smoking room.

Griza Arkouda is a timeless retreat for those who are looking for good food, affordable prices and a purely rural environment, ideal for escape from everyday life!

Working hours

Open all year, except for a few days in August.

Weekends: open all day.

Daily: 13:00 to 24:00

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