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Café Scholio

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This traditional Greek café, warm and friendly, brings back the memory of good old times and serves hot coffee and drinks, in a village that has been characterized as a traditional, praiseworthy settlement. It is called “Kafenion to Scholio” because it is housed by the old school in the beautiful village of Vargianni and a visit there is the best choice for a “journey” back in time.

Coffee but also traditional, homemade mezes
Coffee has the main role here, from early morning until the afternoon and it is always served with something sweet on the side. Old objects, photos and traditional flokata rugs on the couches are part of the décor, while the wooden tables are filled with varieties of cheese and homemade mezes that go great together with the wine or the tsipouro. The Scholio can also offer sweet treats such as spoon or syrupy sweets, or even breakfast.

The great location of the Scholio
The kafenion Scholio can be found in the beautiful square of Vargianni, on the north-west side of the Parnassos Mountain, opposite the village church. During summer the owner takes the tables out to the cobblestone yard allowing his guests to enjoy being there under the centuries old plane trees.

Opening hours
The kafenio “Scholio” is open all year round, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all day long. During holidays it opens every day.

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