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To Agnantio

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After almost 30 years, the family tavern "To Agnantio" does not need special recommendations! We find it on the main road of Arachova, right next to the Folklore Museum and undoubtedly a favorite meeting point for both tourists and local winter - summer.

We select a table near the fireplace or the cozy corner of the balcony overlooking the Arachova Clock and enjoy the good-tasting recipes and the roasted delicacies. From the suggestions of the local traditional cuisine stand out the cooked dishes combined with pasta or noodles of their own production, delicious meat-and-butter minced meat that keeps their soups, cheese or traditional Arachovian cheese, rich salads of fresh ingredients and a great variety of appetizers which make your mouth water.

The hospitable owners and the smiling staff make up an atmosphere that makes us feel intimate every time we visit it!

Open days

Open from September to June from 12.00.

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