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«E» Bar-Restaurant

«E» Bar-Restaurant
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Well known meeting point in this area, the all day café-bar-restaurant “is the ultimate place to be from morning till…next morning. It is a must for anyone coming to Arachova, for coffee, food, and, of course, nightlife. Its modern, industrial aspect and the minimal décor give it a cosmopolitan feeling, while what is really representative for this place is its impressive glass roof.

All day
This all day spot in Arachova serves great coffee and breakfast first thing in the morning and it is renowned particularly for its brunch with choices that won’t let anybody down. Its Greek-Mediterranean cuisine is highly creative, with an inspired menu, worthy of its history.

The real Archova nightlife
When the night falls over Arachova, the music at “E” gets louder.The best mainstream tunes from the Greek or the international repertoire together with the well supplied drinks section of the bar are the guarantee of a great time until the early hours.

“E” stands tall on the main road in Arachova between the Lakka Square (the central square) and the Papaioannou Square.

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