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With its large windows and its wooden facade reminiscent of a chalet, the all day cafe - bar Pyxida is a fresh presence in Agoriani. The impressive wooden carved masterpieces that decorate the space and the fireplace, create a warm and friendly environment that predisposes the visitor to find shelter at all hours of the day.

Handmade sweets
From early in the morning it serves aromatic coffee, with the signature of the excellent hausbrandt variety, while Pyxida is famous, among others, for its fresh handmade sweets such as chocolate pie, orange pie, sweet pumpkin pie, cheesecake, and apple pie.

Tsipouro and wine with homemade appetizers
For the more adventurous, excellent quality tsipouro is served here, which is always accompanied by home-made appetizers, while it has an updated wine cellar with drinks and wines from local winemakers.

Location above the waterfall
One of the Pyxida's strongest assets is its outdoor area with the tables and the wooden bar located above the famous waterfall of Agoriani. When the weather permits, the spot is a top choice in the square, as you feel that you become one with the waterfall.

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