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Wine Tasting

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Wine Tasting is one of the best alternative activities one can do at Parnassos. More particularly, at the north side of the mountain, at the picturesque little village with the name “Polydrosos”, Argyriou winery offers the chance of tasting wines that are produced by the estate of the family by the same name, at the foot of Parnassos

Wine tasting visits at Argyriou cellar

Wine tasting is carried out at the specially designed cellar located at the area of Argyriou winery and guest house. Here, the guests are introduced to the “intoxicating” delight of the award-winning wines by Argyriou.

During the wine tasting visits, the guests have the opportunity to taste the labels of their preference, combining them with the necessary snacks, as well as to receive significant knowledge regarding the production of wine and every variety separately as well.

Argyriou Wines

The estate produces 9 wine labels each having unique aroma and flavor. The visitors can taste white and red Greek and international wines:

  • Erohos white: Light green and yellow color, unique aromas of citrus fruits and fruits with a soft and delicate flavor. A balanced wine with a light aftertaste.
  • Erohos Red: Soft red color with purple hues. Rich aroma of forest fruit and intense tannins.
  • Malagousia: A pure Greek variety with green color and yellow hues. Vivid aroma of lemon and other yellow fruits, fresh, soft flavor and moderate aftertaste.
  • Sauvignon blanc: A wine with a bright color and green hues. Intense aromas of tropical fruits and herbs accompanied by a cooling acidity and a clean aftertaste.
  • Merlot: Terroir representative of the region, a fine wine with rich aromas of forest fruits and light tones of vanilla and wood due to its 12 months aging in French oak barrels. Fine taste and velvet aftertaste.
  • Pinot noir: Soft red color characterized by the secondary aromas of sour cherry and cherry. Thich fruity with moderate acidity, dry tannins and moderate aftertaste.
  • Tango rose: Coming from the local Greek variety Mavroudi and Cabernet Sauvignon. Its color is coral, with vivid aromas of rose and peach. A wine balanced with crispy taste and high intensity acidity.
  • Manteio White: Golden yellow in color, a delicate wine aged for 4 months, it reminds us of tropical yellow fruits and citrus lemon aromas accompanied by a soft flavor of oak.
  • Manteio red: Rich, deep red color with intricate aromas of red fruits and tones of chocolate, coffee and oak compose a dynamic wine. Mature tannins and an impressive intensity create the conditions for long aging.

Argyriou Vineyard

All the wines by Argyriou family are produced in privately-owned vineyards located at the foot of Parnassos. Since 1998, when Nikos Argyriou started cultivating the vineyards, the primary goal remains the same up until today: producing high quality wines, while respecting the environment. The proper territorial and climate conditions of the area of Parnassos as well as the modern methods of vivification that are followed at the winery all these years help with that.

It is worth mentioning that all the wines are classified under the discriminating trade title: Local Wines of Parnassos.

Argyriou Guest House

At the area where the wine tasting is carried out one can also stay in one of the 6 beautiful rooms of Argyriou Guest House.

Argyriou winery and wine tasting guest house

Information & reservations: +30 2234029616

E-mail: [email protected] Website:

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Wine Tasting

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