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Folklore Museum in Agoriani

Eptalofos (Ano Agoriani)

Rare exhibits from the history and the folklore of Agoriani.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery


At the Folklore Museum of Agoriani the visitor can dive into the culture and customs as well as the lifestyle of its citizens from the previous years.

In the collection of the museum the guest can admire photographs from old Agoriani as well as domestic items, agricultural equipment, popular art and cottage industry items, local clothing and tools from the old professions of the village (etc. cobbler, cooper, shepherd, barber, tailor, grocer, coffee seller and many more).   

Among the exhibits of the museum there is a big collection of dried plants which give a detailed image of the rich nature of the land.

The Folklore Museum of Agoriani is located very close to the central square of the village.

On Monday to Friday the visit to the museum can be made upon agreement.

Telephone: 22340 61276, 22340 61214, 6974405438, 6944334949

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